“I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” 

— Jesus (Matthew 16:18)



The Church. She was established by Jesus to push back the very gates of hell and to re-establish heaven on earth. 

Do you ever read about how the early church in Acts experienced the miraculous presence of God to heal, save, and restore entire regions and hunger for more… 

More than just watching a weekly worship service?

More than just participating in programs?

More than just being moral while you wait for heaven? 

Don’t you hunger to belong to a family where everyone is equipped to confidently carry God’s love to restore heaven on earth? Don’t you long to BE the Church

We do too. That’s why Missional Communities are so important to us. 



What is a Missional Community?

A Missional Community is a close-knit community, 

fully committed to equipping one another 

to live as missionaries

who share God’s love 

to everyone… 





Our MC’s are intentionally small enough for real community to take place. They are a microcosm of the larger church — a place where everyone is seen, everyone serves, and everyone brings strength to each other. 


Fully Committed: 

MC’s are not a ‘program’ we ask people to add to their schedules — they are the joyous decision to walk “WITH” God & one another: to ‘belong’ to community in a way that integrates into every facet of our lives. Those we walk with in MC’s become our closest companions in carrying the love of the Father everywhere we go. 



The purpose of the church is to “equip all of the believers” for their own works of ministry. God made you intentionally and there is a glory in you unlike anyone else who has ever lived. Following the pattern of Ephesians 4, MC’s help you to see how a “measure” of each of the 5-fold (Apostolic, Prophetic, Evangelistic, Shepherding, & Teaching) reside in you. MC’s function to continually elevate and equip these “measures" in every member of every age!



John 20:21 says you/we are the sent ones, so every place your foot steps is a ‘mission field’ where you are invited to release the Father’s love. MC’s joyously walk with you to have confidence and celebration in living as a lifestyle missionary everywhere you go!


Download the Missional Community Manual HERE.

 Josh Balogh

Josh Balogh - Missional Community Director

Our Missional Communities (MC’s) ARE the Church! Everything else we do supports putting YOU in an identifiable Community where we help each other release the fullness of God’s love upon the earth! 
We want to help you take your next step to connect. To learn more about our current Missional Communities including meeting times and locations, click here. For Frequently Asked Questions about MC’s, including becoming a leader, or if I can help you in any way connect in a MC at Overflow, it would be my honor. Connect with me and I will be in touch soon!