We Value Intimacy: Friendship with God is our greatest priority and privilege. 


The entire Gospel is summed up in the command to love God with all of your heart (Matthew 22:37). We believe that God adores humanity, the cross paid for our every need, and God is actively speaking and pursuing us. Because of this, it is our great joy to help people recognize and understand God’s voice — to them directly and through the Bible. Overflow Church is a safe place to discover how to walk with the God.


We Value Expectancy: We trust God's faithfulness over our feelings.  


We all reach places where the circumstances we are facing prompt feelings about God that do not seem to match who God says he is. Overflow Church is a safe place to be vulnerable in taking these doubts to God. It is also a place which empowers you to elevate what God says over how you feel, weaving a beautiful tapestry of vulnerability and faith.


We Value Community: With God, we grow together and we go together


Most of the commands in the Bible weren’t written for isolated individuals but for the family of God to experience together. We celebrate our need for one another and our opportunities to walk together, as genuine friends, in an attitude of continual honor! 


We Value Restoration: We recognize worth in everyone and partner with God as he transforms them.


When Jesus saw broken people, he never treated them like they were broken. Instead, he recognized and called out the glory God placed within them. Every single created being bears immense worth and glory. We are a family who refuses to treat people by their history, but sees them instead by their destiny. We focus more on loving people than labeling them. We walk with God to see dreams given back, hope replacing shame, and a voice returned to the silent.

Download the Restoration Manual HERE.


Overflow Church takes great joy in calling out, cultivating, and celebrating the value God sees in everyone
we meet — everywhere we go!