What Should I Wear

We encourage people to come in a way that most suits who they are. Some people wear "business casual" clothing, while others wear jeans and a t-shirt. We want you to be comfortable worshiping with us, so please just “Come as You Are!”

What happens when I get there?

Overflow Church sits on ten beautiful acres. Upon arrival, see two different locations where you can park: our front grass lot or our back paved lot. Once you park, you will be welcomed at the building by one of our Overflow Greeters. They will lead you through the Overflow Worship doors or guide you to the Overflow Kids entrance. We also have a Welcome Center in our courtyard with more information about our church and leaders ready to answer any questions you may have. Between our 9:00 & 11:00 morning worship services, we encourage you to join us in the courtyard for refreshments. It is a great place for us to connect.

What is available for my kids?

Overflow Kids is an exciting place where children learn about having a relationship with Jesus! Preschool and under children meet upstairs where they learn the basics of who God is through Biblical stories, memory verses, and worship. Elementary aged kids have a worship service with a live band, interactive Bible lessons with applications, games, and small groups. We are devoted to making sure that your child feels welcome!


On Wednesday evenings, children learn about different ways to worship the Lord. Whether through singing, dancing, dramas, or artwork the kids learn there are many ways to glorify Christ and be an outreach to our community through the Arts. 

What is your service like?

Our services generally last an hour and 15 minutes. Four core values drive everything we do at Overflow Church and they can be seen clearly in our worship services: Intimacy, Expectancy, Community, and Restoration. Read more about the values that shape the culture of our church here.

We begin with a joyful time of praise, led by a full worship band. The music is contemporary and celebratory. The desire of Overflow Church is to encourage people to connect with God and each other in the unique way he has designed you. We embrace that God speaks through many creative means, so art and drama of various forms are often a key part of our services. We believe that God will lead you in the worship style you feel most comfortable with. Our Teaching Pastor, Chuck Ammons, dives deep into the Word in a relatable and humorous way. His passionate desire is for you to live in the Good News of a simple and overflowing life today! Watch our Sunday Messages here

What denomination is Overflow Church?

We are a Southern Baptist Church that fully embraces the Holy Spirit and the proper exercise of his gifts. We are grateful to be a part of a Baptist tradition that emphasizes faithfulness to the Word of God and a passion to connect people to the Lord. At the same time, we are grateful for the fervor and enthusiasm which may be characterized of a more charismatic style. We believe worshiping God is the most exciting thing on earth and therefore we encourage people to worship God with expectancy!