Sheila Jones

Children's and Media Pastor

Life Story

I was born in a small town in Georgia, where my Father accepted his first Pastoral position while attending seminary. I grew up in church, figuratively and literally, as a few years we lived in a house located on the actual church grounds. I learned to ride my bike in the church parking lot. It was during those few years that I heard the Lord calling my name at the tender age of 9, and I made a decision right then to follow him. That decision has been steadfast in my life ever since. 

We moved to many different locations around the southern United States, until we landed in the Brandon area the summer I turned 13 years old. During my senior year of high school, I met my husband, Brian, and shortly after married. In 2001, about a year after our first son, Preston, was born, we joined Overflow Church. Our family continued to grow as we welcomed 2 daughters, Gwendolyn in 2002 and Clara in 2006. We were called to a couple other local churches in the area to help minister there for a season, but always considered Overflow Church our home. Brian became an ordained Pastor in 2010, and with the support of Overflow Church, we had the honor of leading Remix Church until 2013. 

In 2014, I felt God stirring a passion deep within me to work with children, a desire I had in my youth that I had pushed aside to raise a young family. Shortly after that, God revealed to me that He was calling me to not only teach, but to lead children to learn and experience Him! I was utterly overjoyed to join the Overflow Staff in the Fall of 2014. I know that God has ordained my steps to where I am today. 

Throughout my life, rejection has been a lingering theme, even though I was raised in a Christian home and loved immensely. The Lord has walked me through the hard process of laying down insecurities and undoing false agreements. Like my favorite childhood hymn Amazing Grace, says, “I was once blind, but now I see”, the Lord has given me new eyes to see the truth that I’m truly his daughter with keys to his Heavenly Kingdom. 

My Hope for Overflow Church

My hope is to see those in our community have relationship with Christ, while being fully restored and confident of who He has called them to be. I hope to see the children of our church embrace Christ’s love, hear his voice, and change the spiritual climate of our communities, nation and world! I hope the love that people experience at Overflow Church, will trickle down into the lives of everyone they encounter. 

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