Jasmin Vargas

Preschool Pastor

Life Story

I was born in New York City where my father was a pastor in a Pentecostal church in the Bronx. After the church burned down when I was 3 years old, we would often move from New York City to Miami within my childhood. However, I believe I came to know the Lord right in my mother's womb, for I don't remember a time not knowing him.

When I was about 15 years old I asked the Lord to teach me to understand scriptures. I remember often being in my bedroom in prayer and studying his word. Even now, I am constantly growing in the knowledge of God. I never stop learning. I married my husband, Ron, in 2005. We have two beautiful boys.

I actively served in church all throughout my walk with Jesus, but I did not fully know what my calling was. In September of 2016, the Lord led my friend, Erin Arruda, to set up a meeting with me and another friend to discuss what we felt the Lord's calling for us in his Kingdom. I told them that it might have to do with children and teaching. In May of 2017, my Lead Pastor, Len Harper, called me to pray about taking the position of Preschool Pastor at South Brandon Worship Center, now called Overflow Church. After God's guidance through prayer and discussing it with my husband, Ron, we accepted the position. With praise and glory to God, I started my ministry as a Preschool Pastor in August of 2017.

My Hope for Overflow Church

My vision for the preschoolers and under in Overflow Church is that they may know their Savior Jesus Christ. When they share the Lord with others that they too may say, "I don't remember a time not knowing Jesus".

 Contact me at Jasmin@myoverflowchurch.com.


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